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States of Matter:

Property Changes:

Compounds and Mixtures:

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Matter: Mass and Weight

Essential Questions:

  • What are the two properties that all types of matter, including solids, liquids, and gases, have in common?
    All types of matter have mass in them, all types of matter also take up space in a object.
  • What is weight and how does weight differ from mass?
    Mass is the amount of matter in an object, weight measures the pull of gravity on matter.
  • How are weight and mass measured?
    Mass is measured with a balance. Weight is measured with a scale.
  • Moving an object into space or to another planet can change it's weight, but it does not change it's mass.But why?Because in space there is no gravity so you loose your weight and you just float.But mass does not go away because mass is what the object carry's inside so if you go to space or move anywhere you won't loose any mass.
  • How does the mass of an object compare to the mass of its parts?
    The mass of an object is the same as the total mass of it's parts.How?Your going to have to figure out on Google.

    Measuring Matter


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Should you bully or not

This is what I learned from the article: The least popular aren't the only targets in school bullying hope you like it,

Who get bullied and why:
People who are less popular are most likely to get bullied why? It is because bullies think that they are easy targets, bullies all mos all the times judge from the appearance.They would most likely be bullying nerds because off there appearance.
Should you stand up for someone:
It is your decisions if you want to stand up for someone.If you stand up for someone the bully might look at you and start bulling you so you would probably want to come with a little group but don't fight the fire with more fire because then it becomes bigger.If you let a kid get bullied and you let it go his(ers) life could probably get ruined because getting bullied makes you feel terrible you would probably not even want to go outside to go to school.Some kids do suicide because they can't support getting bullied anymore and Imagine if you could have helped that kid.

Big Ideas
Text to quote in your post
Your own thinking
It says that nearly a fifth of teens are bullied.
Only the most popular kids at the very top of the high school social ladder avoid being bullied.
I think that to the kids that are not popular get bullied more.
Most people would think that the least popular kids were the only targets.
Teens at the very top of the social ladder can “afford” to be nice. Yet, those in the next level down have to fight to keep themselves there
But if you are kind of popular you will have a 25% chance of getting bullied.
For most students, gains in popularity "increase the likelihood of victimization,”
Bullied kids can suffer from feelings of sadness, increased worries and thoughts of killing themselves.
But kids who are really popular will most likely not ever be bullied.It changes by if you are popular or not.Bullys will think that you are a easy target if you are not popular and if you are a nerd so they will only judge by the apperence mostly all the times to choose someone.

What do you think would you stand up for a kid who is getting bullied or not and let that kid suffer through that pain comment back.

Daniel R. 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Homework or no Homework

The article Homework: Too little or too much? Made me think:

Too Much Homework
I think that some times teachers will pass out to much home work to do this is what I learned from the article in 2012, 5 percent of 9-year-old's reported they had more than two hours of homework the previous night.That would be tiring having too much homework and when you go to school you would be tired to not even learn.But some people don't get homework at all her the other reason.

No homework
It shows that 9 year-old's, were the same as the results of 1984 shows 35 percent didn't have homework so that shows that some people don't even get home work and more people do so that would not even be fair.

Comments please which would you chose more homework or less homework.

Daniel R.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Respiratory System

What function do the lungs have?
When air reaches your lungs, it is warm, moist, and clean.In the lungs, oxygen passes from the air to your blood. Your blood delivers the oxygen to all parts of your body.

How does the respiratory system help the body?
The Respiratory System helps the body by bringing in oxygen from the air and pushing carbon dioxide out.

How does air travel through the respiratory system?
First you breath in from your nose or from your mouth.It goes down into the Trachea.From there to the bronchi and into the lungs.The Diaphragm will help when you breath to push up your lung so the air comes in and the diaphragm goes back down when you breath out.If you want you can touch your rips and feel something go up.That will be the lung going up for air and down to give out carbon dioxide.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Honey Bee Scientist Nomination Award

Dear Readers,
I gave Honey Bee Scientist Nomination Award to Destinee  this is the link to her blog post.I gave Destinee this award because of her out standing job for the blog post that she did from a article.It surprises me that she wrote so much and with so much details.I liked how she searched up words because it says there that she searched up the word and learned what it meant.It looks like Destinee learned a lot from the article.Congratulations Destinee!